Sunday, November 12, 2006

Lucy's Gotha Story

Hi everyone. It seems Maggie and Molly have already introduced you to the new member of our family LUCY.
Lucy is a 10 month old pug. She was born on New Years Eve in 1005 She came to live with us on Oct. 19th. Some of you might remember from reading the stories of how Maggie and Molly came to me, that I work in a local pet store. It can be lots of fun, but sometimes it can be dangerous. Especially when people come in with pets that need a home. Several weeks ago that is exactly what happened. I had customer come in buying dog supplies and we started talking. She told me she had three pugs. Two older ones and a new one that she had just adopted out of the newspaper. Awww I said. My husband and I are talking about maybe getting a Pug next spring (key word here was NEXT spring) We can't afford one right now. I have to first save enough to pay a deposit at my apartment complex (shhh don't tell, we never paid for the cats, but they stay inside..It is kind of hard to hide a dog). Then of course we need money for the puppy and to get it shots and supplies.
Anyway she went on to tell me that her new pug was 9 months old and had belong to a Military family who was moving. They got her thinking it would work ok, but now she wasn't so sure..She might have to get rid of her...Oh to bad I said..She left and I didn't give it another thought.
The next day almost as soon as we opened the same woman walked in. She reminded me of who she was and what we had talked about. Hello I said.
Then I got the surprise of my life. She told me that her husband told her to find a new home for the dog, and that she wanted me to have her. Oh I gasp. I can't afford a dog right now. She went on to say she had paid 400 dollars for her and that she knew she would not get her money back from here and she knew I could not afford to pay her that. NO I can't I said..Then she started to cry. She said she had been praying about it, and that she felt that God had lead her to give me the dog. That I could just pay her anything I felt I could afford...By now my head is spinning. First I'm not a particularly religious person, but who am I to argue with God...Uhhh I stuttered...I need to talk to my husband, I might be able to offer you a hundred dollars. (Thinking to myself how much do I have in the bank, since it was not pay day). I then told her I was interested but wanted to see the dog..She left and brought her back to me a few minutes later. Of course as soon as I saw her I knew she was mine. We exchanged phone numbers and as soon as I got off work that night my daughter and I went to pick her up. My husband was working late that night and he didn't have his cell phone with him, so I didn't get a chance to asked him what he thought about all of it. I just showed up with the dog..YIKES!. Thankfully he was ok with what I had done.
He knew a hundred dollars for Pug was a steal any day of the week, and after all she was cute, How could his heart not melt.
Lucy came only with the original papers that her first owners had. They had paid 1,300.00 for her in March at another local pet shop (we don't sell pets where I work, only supplies and fish) She is pure bred, and has a pedigree. She is also micro-chipped. The first owners never registered it, so I did that right away. I found out that she had never had any shots except what the breeder gave her at 6 weeks old. So the first thing on my list was a vet visit. We got all her shots including rabies, and now she only needs one booster to be set for a year. (She gets that next week)
Her name was not Lucy, but we didn't like that they called her, so we changed it. Within a day she was coming and understand that Lucy is who she is now. She is also potty trained,(except for a couple of time when I have taken a nap, and left her in the house she pooped...My fault not hers) is crate trained, and can sit. Not a bad start for a young dog that has been shuffled around..
Lucy now has a forever home and we are glad she is part of our family. Molly loves her and Maggie is getting better. She still won't go near her, but doesn't hiss as often. I hope that they can make friends soon..


Friday, November 03, 2006

can I come out now?

Maggie here...
I only have a few minutes. Mama has the D-O-G out for a walk, and I think if I hurry I will have time to blog..Whew, what a few weeks I have had..First mama got something called a love bird..

Molly and I didn't mind that, in fact we enjoy sitting on the chair and watching it.
Molly got in bad trouble the other day though. Mama had gone to take the D-O-G out and when she came back in the bird cage was on the floor. Seed and water were everywhere, and the bird was making all kinds of noise, hanging upside down from the bars of the cage. I was no where to be found, but there sat Molly still as could be on the edge of the couch, just grinning..I tried to tell her she should have run, but you know Molly, she wouldn't listen.

Anyway, this thing with this D-0-G is different..I hate that dog. She plays with Molly, but I won't let her near me. I snarl and hiss and run the other way.
Mama just yells at both of us, cause Lucy barks and chases me.
Dumb ole dog!
Uhh oh I hear them coming..gotta go!!
I heard mama say she would tell everyone the gotcha story about Lucy when she has time..