Saturday, December 16, 2006

It is here!!

Hi Everyone...Lucy here and I am so excited hhhh My secret paws is here..All the way from Hawaii. Maggie and Molly are jealous cause mine came first but I told them don't worry. Mom signed them up too. Everyone has until the end of the month to mail out the goodies and mom said she is glad cause what she bought everyone is still stting on the counter. She hasn't been to the post office yet. Anyway I got lots and lots of goodies..

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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Lucy's Gotha Story

Hi everyone. It seems Maggie and Molly have already introduced you to the new member of our family LUCY.
Lucy is a 10 month old pug. She was born on New Years Eve in 1005 She came to live with us on Oct. 19th. Some of you might remember from reading the stories of how Maggie and Molly came to me, that I work in a local pet store. It can be lots of fun, but sometimes it can be dangerous. Especially when people come in with pets that need a home. Several weeks ago that is exactly what happened. I had customer come in buying dog supplies and we started talking. She told me she had three pugs. Two older ones and a new one that she had just adopted out of the newspaper. Awww I said. My husband and I are talking about maybe getting a Pug next spring (key word here was NEXT spring) We can't afford one right now. I have to first save enough to pay a deposit at my apartment complex (shhh don't tell, we never paid for the cats, but they stay inside..It is kind of hard to hide a dog). Then of course we need money for the puppy and to get it shots and supplies.
Anyway she went on to tell me that her new pug was 9 months old and had belong to a Military family who was moving. They got her thinking it would work ok, but now she wasn't so sure..She might have to get rid of her...Oh to bad I said..She left and I didn't give it another thought.
The next day almost as soon as we opened the same woman walked in. She reminded me of who she was and what we had talked about. Hello I said.
Then I got the surprise of my life. She told me that her husband told her to find a new home for the dog, and that she wanted me to have her. Oh I gasp. I can't afford a dog right now. She went on to say she had paid 400 dollars for her and that she knew she would not get her money back from here and she knew I could not afford to pay her that. NO I can't I said..Then she started to cry. She said she had been praying about it, and that she felt that God had lead her to give me the dog. That I could just pay her anything I felt I could afford...By now my head is spinning. First I'm not a particularly religious person, but who am I to argue with God...Uhhh I stuttered...I need to talk to my husband, I might be able to offer you a hundred dollars. (Thinking to myself how much do I have in the bank, since it was not pay day). I then told her I was interested but wanted to see the dog..She left and brought her back to me a few minutes later. Of course as soon as I saw her I knew she was mine. We exchanged phone numbers and as soon as I got off work that night my daughter and I went to pick her up. My husband was working late that night and he didn't have his cell phone with him, so I didn't get a chance to asked him what he thought about all of it. I just showed up with the dog..YIKES!. Thankfully he was ok with what I had done.
He knew a hundred dollars for Pug was a steal any day of the week, and after all she was cute, How could his heart not melt.
Lucy came only with the original papers that her first owners had. They had paid 1,300.00 for her in March at another local pet shop (we don't sell pets where I work, only supplies and fish) She is pure bred, and has a pedigree. She is also micro-chipped. The first owners never registered it, so I did that right away. I found out that she had never had any shots except what the breeder gave her at 6 weeks old. So the first thing on my list was a vet visit. We got all her shots including rabies, and now she only needs one booster to be set for a year. (She gets that next week)
Her name was not Lucy, but we didn't like that they called her, so we changed it. Within a day she was coming and understand that Lucy is who she is now. She is also potty trained,(except for a couple of time when I have taken a nap, and left her in the house she pooped...My fault not hers) is crate trained, and can sit. Not a bad start for a young dog that has been shuffled around..
Lucy now has a forever home and we are glad she is part of our family. Molly loves her and Maggie is getting better. She still won't go near her, but doesn't hiss as often. I hope that they can make friends soon..


Friday, November 03, 2006

can I come out now?

Maggie here...
I only have a few minutes. Mama has the D-O-G out for a walk, and I think if I hurry I will have time to blog..Whew, what a few weeks I have had..First mama got something called a love bird..

Molly and I didn't mind that, in fact we enjoy sitting on the chair and watching it.
Molly got in bad trouble the other day though. Mama had gone to take the D-O-G out and when she came back in the bird cage was on the floor. Seed and water were everywhere, and the bird was making all kinds of noise, hanging upside down from the bars of the cage. I was no where to be found, but there sat Molly still as could be on the edge of the couch, just grinning..I tried to tell her she should have run, but you know Molly, she wouldn't listen.

Anyway, this thing with this D-0-G is different..I hate that dog. She plays with Molly, but I won't let her near me. I snarl and hiss and run the other way.
Mama just yells at both of us, cause Lucy barks and chases me.
Dumb ole dog!
Uhh oh I hear them coming..gotta go!!
I heard mama say she would tell everyone the gotcha story about Lucy when she has time..

Monday, October 30, 2006


Oh my stars..I can't believe my mom did it..She got a D-O-G
A real live D-O-G.
We got a pug name Lucy..Maggie hates her..She hisses and growls and runs and hides in the bedroom. I only hate her when she tries to chase me. Momma says we will get use to her, but right now..We are NOT happy kittys! It was bad enough when we got the B-I-R-D....This is just to much...

Molly..(and Maggie who is hiding under the bed)

Saturday, September 09, 2006

New photos of the girls

I took some photos of the cats today so everyone can see how big they are now..
Molly(the black and white kitty) got her rabies shot today and weighs almost 5 lbs. Maggie (the calico)is about the same weight. She is longer and a little skinner..Before long they won't be babies any more..Sigh

Friday, September 08, 2006

The throw away kitten

This is Maggie and Molly's mom and today I am blogging instead of the girls....Here is why. I work at a large pet store and:
About an hour before I got off work yesterday I rang up a lady buying cat food. We chatted a bit and she went on her way. Just as she was walking out the door another customer was walking in. I looked up to greet her and saw she was carrying a box. . MEOW, MEOW,MEOW I heard coming from it. Oh no I thought to myself..Do not be coming in this store with kittens because I can NOT take home another cat. The lady I had just rang up stopped to see what was in the box, and both of them came over to me. Inside the box was a tiny little black and white kitten covered in dirt and mud, a bit damp and scared to death. . It looked to be about 3 weeks old. Way to small to be away from it's mom. The lady with the kitten explained to me that she had found the kitten. It seems someone had throw it away!!

She found it on the side of the road, near the over pass. Of course I scooped the kitten into my arms, and begin rubbing it to warm it up. Meow, Meow, Meow .ohhh my heart was breaking. How could someone throw away something so tiny and precious. The customer I had just rang up must have felt the same way because she immediately told the woman she would take the cat. We all hurry over to the cat isle and got milk supplement and a bottle. I gave the kitty a little bit more love and turned it over to its new owner. There was a part of me that really wished the lady had left just a few seconds sooner than she did, because I would have brought that baby home in a heart beat. It wasn't meant for me though and I am happy it found a home. She looked just like my baby Molly and when I got home the first thing I did was get both of my cats and love and hug them. I didn't realize how much it had upset me until my husband came home, but as I recalled the story to him I started to cry. I just can't believe someone did that..I was so angry. I just wanted to throttle them. I hope they get paid back someday..

Anyway speaking of cats. I don't think I have mentioned the Ferrell's for awhile This afternoon my daughter and I took my grandson for a walk and we were surprised to find that there were four kittens now living among the Ferrell's. They looked to be about 6-8 weeks old. We knew someone had been feeding the cats for awhile because they had food on the balcony. Tonight they were home and as soon as they saw us they came outside.

Both my daughter and myself thought that they were a bit strange, but we are glad they at lest feed the kittens. We were able to catch one of them and it was very calm. The others just looked at us, and ran. They all are in need of medicine for there eyes. The woman living in the apt. told us that she has homes for them, but we think she lied. Supposedly she is going to catch them this weekend and give them to friends. My daughter said she is full of it and probably has no intention of giving them away. She is just one of those crazy cat ladies who keeps feeding them and letting them breed. My daughter told me that she is going to wait a week and if the kittens are still there we will go when the people are not home and try and trap them. Hopefully we can get the one that is a little tame and at lest get some medicine for its eye..

I just don't understand people...

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Helpful HInts

Mom got a new book with lots of helpful hints in it...Here are some she found about kitty's.

1. If your kitty decides to use the carpet instead of the litter box, sprinkle dried pennyroyal on the spot to keep him away from the carpet next time.
2. Add a teaspoon of bacon fat or vegtable oil to your cats food daily will usually enable him to pass hair swollowed during grooming before it forms large balls.
3. Medication time will be a lot easier for your kitty and you if you coat tablets and capsules first with butter before giving them to your cat..

We hope you enjoyed these..
Maggie and Molly

Friday, August 25, 2006

my secret pal

Molly has a secret pal. She got a wonderful package today from Mini

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Today Is National Homeless Animal Day...

Maggie and Molly are asking everyone to please light a candle today in remembrance of all the homeless animals. Visit your local animal shelter and open your heart to a fury friend today.
Please visit this page for more ways to help

Thursday, August 17, 2006

National Homeless Animal Day is This Saturday Aug. 19th

Please go visit this web site
Saturday the 19th of Aug. is National Homeless Animals Day and this webpage is asking people post a photo of a candle, or a cat and candle, (or any pet and a candle) to post on their blog or website on August 19th along with a link to National Homeless Animal's Day and a local animal shelter or rescue agency of their choice. She will link them all to her page, and also send in the list to the Carnival of the Cats on Sunday. Please forward far and wide, to anyone you know who has a blog.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

photos of the girls

Here are a few photos of the girls. They are both growing so fast. Molly is about to catch up with Maggie..

Monday, July 31, 2006

We're being good

Mama ask us to write and let you know that she is sorry she has fallen behind on this blog. She got busy with her ex-husband who had heart surgery, plus she is working and keeping "the grandson", and doing fun summer stuff too, so us GIRLS and she calls us are pretty much left to destroy..I mean take care of the house on our own..We do fun thngs like chase each other around, scatter our toys, leave bits of food on the floor and track litter out of the box, You know the usual cat stuff. Mama says she wishes she had half our energy. Anyway we try and convience Mama that we are being good. Do you think she believes us? P.S. she said that she will post new photos soon..

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Thursday, July 13, 2006


Momma got this in her email today. Molly and I didn't think it was funny, but Momma said she was posting it anyway.


1. Thoroughly clean the toilet.

2. Add the required amount of shampoo to the toilet water and have both lids up.

3. Find the cat and soothe him while you carry him towards the bathroom.

4. In one smooth movement, put the cat in the toilet and close both lids. (You may need to stand on the lid so that he cannot escape.) The cat will self-agitate and make ample suds. Never mind the noises that come from your toilet, the cat is actually enjoying this. CAUTION: Do not get any part of your body too close to the edge, as his paws will be reaching out for anything they can find.

5. Flush the toilet three or four times. This provides a "Power Wash" and "Rinse", which I have found to be quite effective.

6. Have someone open the door to the outside and ensure that there are no people between the toilet and the outside door.

7. Stand behind the toilet as far as you can, and quickly lift both lids.

8. The now-clean cat will rocket out of the toilet, and run outside where he will self-dry.

Sincerely, The Dog

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Molly is adjusting fine, but Maggie is still a bit mad. She has stopped growling, but the minute I put Molly down to play she jumps on her and tries to bite. This morning I did see her licking Molly, which I hope is not a sign that she was tasting her to see if she needs more salt before eating. I still haven't left the girls alone in the house. Molly is staying in the spare bedroom for now. I did take her with me last night to a friends house where I am staying while he re-coups from open heart surgery and she slept in the bed with me. She seems like she is going to be a sweet kitten. Hopefully Maggie and her will soon be friends.

Here are some more photos of the two of them.


Monday, July 10, 2006

It's a girl

I have a baby sister!, and I hate her. I am going to bite and hiss and growl and eat her if I get a chance. I am MAD. I do not like having to share my mommy and daddy with another cat. It was bad enough to have kitty's and doggies in the family. I thought I was going to show mommy who was boss when my human sisters new kitty came to visit for a day, now I am really mad cause this one is going to stay GRRRRRR. They even gave her a name. She is Molly. Now everything is Molly Molly Molly. I am so jealous. This is my house and my toys and my mommy and daddy boo hoo hoo.
To top it off mommy has soaked me over and over with the water bottle to keep me calm. Getting wet is not keeping me calm. It is only making me the cleanest cat in town. I'm running away.

Well folks you read it right Maggie is not a happy kitten today. I brought home a baby sister for her last night and she doesn't like it one bit.
We have named her Molly and she is black and white. She is only five weeks old. Just the same age as Maggie when we got her. Again she came from a customer at the store where I work. At first she was given to a rescue group who took her to the SPCA. They were going to put her to sleep, and the lady who was fostering her over night thankfully took her home. When I heard about it I talked with the rescue group and the kitten was given to me. She needed a home and we had been thinking about a playmate for Maggie. I just don't understand why people want to get rid of kittens so young. She is even smaller than Maggie was at this age. Thankfully she is eating good and seems to be able to handle both wet and dry foods and is litter trained. However she is scared to death due to Maggie being so cranky. I was hoping that Maggie would be better with her since she herself is just turning four months. I was wrong. I have had to watch them every minute. Molly is fine, but Maggie is really being a brat, hissing and growling. I separated there sleeping quarters last night, but am trying to introduce them slowly today. Maggie has her moments. She is ok as long as the baby sits still but if she moves she tries to pounce. I haven't even had a chance to hold the new one much and re-assure her she is ok. Poor thing is scared. I will continue to watch them closely and keep them apart when I am not here for a few more days. Maggie hopefully will cope.She might as well accept it both cats are staying. They will just learn to like each other or stay wet from getting a mist of water from the bottle ha ha.
Here are the first pictures.

Friday, July 07, 2006


Mommy is taking a break from blogging for a little while. She is ok and daddy is ok, but my human sister and brothers daddy (the ex husband) had to have open heart surgery this week. He needed a triple bi pass. OUCH. He is doing good, but mommy is going to his house to take care of him for a few days. She will be back soon, and I can help her blog again.
Love Maggie

Sunday, July 02, 2006

And the winner is:

We are happy to announce that Maggie has was second place by viewers choice in Calvin & Hobbes June Summer Photo Contest!!!

Friday, June 30, 2006

Hungry Kitty

Mama has been feeding the ferrell kitty's. So far she hasn't seen any of them eat, but the dry food she puts out is gone each day so she knows they are getting it.
For the last two days mama has seen the same kitty walk past the patio. I bet he was looking for his supper. I saw him almost the same time mama did and ran to the dinning room window so I could check him out. He is a pretty gray and white kitty. Mama said he can be our out door cat if she can get him to stay. I hope he will, I think outdoor friends will be nice. That way I can be queen of the house.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Feeling better

I pouted with mamma the rest of the night after that kitten left, but today I am feeling better. Momma came home from the store and she had a new dish and some stinky goodness for me. She also got me a new dry food, I still don't like dry, and not many kinds of stinky goodness, but I ate a little of it cause I was hungry. I spent the rest of the night playing with my new mouse mamma got. I think she feels bad for all the upsetting things I have been though the last few days.

Monday, June 26, 2006

No She Didn't

ok, that is it. I am running away. First my momma tells me I have cousin cats who can go outside to play. Then she tells me that there is a dog in the family. Now I find out that my human sister has adopted a kitten!! A boy kitten. Named Simon. I protest I am the baby here. I get all the attention, and toys, and love and food, and anything I want. I get to play all by myself with "the grandson". He is MY boy. he can't be owned by another cat. I'm jealous. What if the boy loves him better than me. Oh momma I just can't belive it .Momma even let Simon come to my house and eat out of a saucer.She gave him some of my stinky goodness. Momma put some in my bowl too, but I wouldn't eat it. I was not happy. Let me tell you I let everyone know it too. I growled and hissed and took a swat at the kitten. Momma got the water bottle out and threatened to use it. I just went in the other room. It hasn't been my week. I'm going to bed. Sigh

Bow Wow

Please tell me it's not true. I just found out I have a D-O-G for a cousin. It was bad enough to learn that I had kitty cousins who were allowed to go outside and play, now I find out that there is a DOG in the family too. No fair. He gets to go out to poop, and play ball and take walks. Sigh...Some animals have all the fun.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Kitty Cousin

Talking to that big water bottle didn't do me any good. Momma said I am not going outside no matter what. I protest! This is my cousin Queen. She belongs to my momma's sister and she gets to go outside. What makes her so special? Just because her name is Queen, doesn't make her one! POUT!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Human Daddy Day

My daddy and I enjoyed our day. He spent his watching the inside TV and I spent mine watching the outside TV. Every little kitty should enjoy Daddy Day with there human this way.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

A trip to the VET

This has been the worst day of my life! I got up early with my momma to play like we always do.My morning was going just fine when all of the sudden momma picked me up and stuffed me in a pink bag. I was ok at first, Momma was right there with me, but I started to get a little scared when I got in the car. Then momma took me to the big pet store that she works at. I had been there once before on the day that momma got me. I remembered the smell and I was so afraid that momma was going to leave me, that I cried and cried and cried. Mamma's boss told her I was to loud and to put me in a different room. Momma wasn't happy about that, but she did and closed the door. Thank goodness I didn't have to stay there long, and momma came and got me. We went into a different room. Momma opened the bag and let me out and held me tight. I thought that I was safe and I started to purr. Then a strange lady and man came in. The next thing I knew I was being poked and probed, and the lady jabbed me with something sharp. I was not happy and I let out a big Yowl! I tired to bite the ladies hand. She gave me to momma after that, and I felt better for a minute. Then the man picked me up and I felt something else stick me..Yowl again. As soon as that prick was done I got stuck again. Now I was really unhappy. I had been stuck three times. Momma was trying to pet me and calm me down, but she put me back in the bag. We went out of that big room into a little room and waited for what seemed like forever. Momma said we were waiting to make sure my test was negative. I didn't even know I took a test. I just know I got pricked, and I was not happy.
About ten minutes later the lady came in and told momma everything was fine. That I do not have something called feline leukemia or aids. Momma smiled and said that is good. She was happy because they said "Maggie is healthy". I was happy too, because Momma was holding me again. The next thing I knew though there was that man again . POKE. OUCH YOWL. I got stuck again. Then he opened my mouth and shoved some glucky stuff in it. Something about worms. Oh gosh I hope I didn't swallow a worm. I like liver, but worms is a bit much.
I was really mad now. Four times in one day is just going to far. Momma said it is ok baby we are all done. We left and the next thing I knew Momma was opening the pink bag and I was home. Wait, what is this. Momma is leaving me. No, don't go. I ran to the door. Momma picked me up and told me Maggie, momma has to go to work baby. I ran to the door again, NOoooooo momma I want you to stay home. Maggie I have to go baby, and off she went. I was sad, but I knew momma would come home for lunch. She always does. But I waited and waited and momma didn't come home until 7 pm.
I let her know as soon as she walked in the door. I was not happy.
Momma picked me up and loved me for the rest of the night. She said I am spoiled and gave me some stinky goodness and settled down to read all of my friends blogs.
Momma better not get out of my site again. Bad Momma

*note from mamma...Maggie got her shots today and also got tested for feline leukemia and aids. Both were negative. The vet gave her a shot for the leukemia to prevent it from ever occurring and she will never need this shot again. She also got de-wormed and we got heart worm meds for her. The vet said she is healthy and I am happy to report that Maggie now weighs 3lbs 8 oz (she is 11 weeks old). We will go back in about 3 weeks for her next set of shots. After that she will get one more and a rabies, which will be good for a year. *

Friday, June 16, 2006


This one won't break, and momma sitll hasn't bought a spray bottle...Whew
Life is good

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Note From Maggie

Maggie here

Giggle...Momma went to the store and forgot to buy the water bottle...I win

Note from Momma

(Momma here)

Maggie broke my favorite yellow vase today, but I now I know why. Se had just finished a wonderful adventure with her friend Zeus. Zeus took very good care of Maggie on there trip, but she was still a bit over excited. She was racing around when she got home and that is how the vase got broken. Anyway
be sure and stop by his page to read about there day.
I am still buying the water bottle..Little kitty's have to learn manners and Maggie is still a bit to wild.

Bad Cat

(Maggie)Momma I am really sorry that I jumped up on the kitchen table and broke your favorite yellow vase full of flowers.

(Momma)I don't have time to talk to you about it right now Maggie, I am on the way to the store to see if I can replace the vase and buy a BIG spray bottle to fill with water...(Momma smiles to herself, and thinks..Oh my I had forgot how much trouble little kitty's get into. Maggie is still my baby and I love her..Sigh)

Monday, June 12, 2006

Feeding the cats

Momma spotted one of the wild kitties tonight. It came right past our patio. She got all excited and ran and got the dry food. She followed the kitty to the edge of the brush, but it took off running towards the street where momma saw them last night.
Momma poured some of the food on the ground where the kitty went and more on our patio. She hopes it will be gone in the morning...We will let you know.
Ohhh Zeus is on the way!! I'm so excited.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Field Of Cats

Momma went for a walk tonight in our apartment complex. She had heard that some Ferrell cats were living in the woods at the edge of the property. Sure enough she spotted them. Momma said that there are at lest ten kittys out there. She wondered if there are any babies in the woods. She didn't go in there to find out because of the under brush and poison ivy, but momma said she might go buy some dry food tomorrow and sit it out in bowls to feed the cats. They are not living on our street which makes momma sad because now she is worried about how they are eating and if people over on that road are feeding them. Someone told momma that they have been hanging around the woods since last year. That a litter of kittens had been thrown out in the woods. Those kittens have had babies a few times momma suspects from the amount of cats she saw. Momma was mad to think someone did that and now all those kittys have no home. She told daddy tonight that she wonders if she puts food out on our patio will the cats come over from the other street. Kind of like the movie Field of Dreams where they say build it and they will come..Momma wonders..hmmmm
Feed them will they come. Guess we will see what happens.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Meet Tinkerbell

Mom has been reading around the cat blog community about how some of the cat moms have been adopting or fostering a "special kitty". Since we have the same "adoption place" in our neighborhood, mom paid them a visit tonight and came home with one. She named it Tinkerbell because right above the area that it was living were some windchimes. Mom said every time she would reach in to pet a kitty (so she could see which one needed a home the most) that the chimes would go tink tink...tink. That made momma laugh, so right then and there before she even adopted it she gave it a name..(Humans are so weird.)
At first I wouldn't even look at the new cat (after all momma has lots of others)

But then it got down on the floor with me and wanted to play

I thought I should at lest give her a chance, so I shared my new toys with her and we had the best time.

I think it wore both of us out..I'm going to get some rest now..
Good Night

No More Fleas

All my fleas died..YIPPIE...

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Goodies for Maggie

Ohhh, momma stopped by the VET today and got some advantage for my fleas and while she was out she got some new toys for me. I am soooooo Happy!. I hope the mean nasties go away now and leave me alone to play with my pretties.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Oh I am so embarrassed, I hate to even confess this but I have FLEAS. Momma said I shouldn't worry, and that it is normal for kittens my age to have them. That made me feel a little better, but I'm still embarrassed. I jump and scratch, and it hurts when they bite me. Momma said she feels bad for me. She tried to help me and at first she thought she could comb them out. She was hoping since I am the only animal in the house that would kill them, and that worked for a week or two, but now they are back. I heard her and daddy talking tonight and they said they are going to bring home some flea medicine tomorrow.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Good Grief

I told momma I was lonely and could we get another cat for me to play with. This wasn't exactly what I had in mind....Humans!!!

Friday, June 02, 2006

I'm feeling a bit crowded

Ok, I know momma works, and daddy works, and they are really tired when they get home, but would someone please tell them they need to clean off the computer desk! After all a girl needs her space.

I wanna help

No Maggie, I don't care if the flowers do need water. You are to little to go outside

(If you look closely you will see Maggie standing in the door looking out)

Thursday, June 01, 2006

I'm cute

Oh I'm so excited. Momma entered me in my first beauty contest. Calvin & Hobbes is having it's June Summer Photo Contest. I have a chance to win a certificate with my name on it. If you have time, stop in and cast a vote for your favoirte pet. You can vote once a day until the end of June. The vote doesn't have to be for me, cause some people might think the other animals in the contest are prettier, and if you do that is ok. I just thought it might be fun to enter.
Love Maggie

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Good Helper

This is a picture of momma's kitchen after the grandson and I "HELPED" her clean this morning. I don't think she likes our kind of help..