Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Good Helper

This is a picture of momma's kitchen after the grandson and I "HELPED" her clean this morning. I don't think she likes our kind of help..

Monday, May 29, 2006

Sweet Dreams

When Mama first brought me home she took Daddy shopping for me a bed. I didn't understand it then, and I don't understand it now. Why should I sleep in that dinky little bed on the floor when I can sleep with "the grandson". I like it when he comes to spend the night with my mama.

He plays with me, and when it is time to go to sleep I crawl right into his bed with him. Mama doesn't think me getting in his bed is a good idea at all, and she keeps taking me out of the room and closing the door. That's ok though, because when "the grandson" wakes up tomorrow I will be there to say good morning.

Copy Cat

Do you think maybe Maggie has been taking lessons from the big girls?

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Cords and stuff

Maggie's mama here.

Our nice friends Meowmepurr's Mumma in Washington State was worried that Maggie might be playing with a cord on the blinds. We want to say thank you to them for caring, and to let everyone know that Maggie was playing with the handle to push the blinds back and forth (no cords on this kind) Just remember though that it is important to tie up cords so that kitty's puppies and especially human babies can not get caught in them and get choked.
Thanks again Meowmepurr's.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

The Little Cat Who Could

I think I can

I think I can

I think I can

I think I can


The good stuff

ohh I am so excited. I found where my mama hides the good stuff...


Keep it under your hat

Friday, May 26, 2006

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Kitty TV

Some of my friends have explained to me that looking outside is what they call Kitty TV. Wow I am so glad to know that, cause TV is fun. Thanks guys!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


I saw my first birdie!! Can I go outside now? I promise to only put the birdie seed in the feeder and come right back inside..can I please? PLEASE....

No maggie..you are a indoor kitty, and I don't need any help..You would only scare the birdies away...(Love Mom)


Who Me?

Mama says I make her tired cause I am so busy....I said Who Me?
What do you think?

Monday, May 22, 2006

Mom's are a girls best friend

Momma took this picture especially for Scooby, Shaggy & Scout
There momma didn't know what Trader Joe's is. After reading there post my momma got hungry, so she went shopping at the Trader Joe's near our house. Once that bag of popcorn came home. I became momma's best friend..Yummy

Friday, May 19, 2006

Girls Just Want To Have Fun

Maggie....Get out of the bag, You had your supper.....

Maggie....Get out of the dishwasher, I don't want hair on everything.....

Maggie....I already told you where the water goes, get down off the sink.....

Awwwww Mom, your no fun......

Thursday, May 18, 2006

New adventure

I went on a new adventure. I snuck outside. I knew I wasn't suppose to go, momma had told me over and over No Maggie, get back away from the door. Usually I listen, but last night it was just to tempting. Momma and daddy went shopping last night and came home with a belated Mother's Day present for mom. She got a new freezer and in all the excitement I ran out the door. I was only there a minute of two when daddy heard me crying. Whew was I scared. As soon as the door opened I ran back to my daddy. Momma said thank goodness we live in an apartment building. The door to my house is down some stairs and it is like having a closed in little patio in the front area. Momma told me I was bad, but she picked me up and gave me lots of kisses, and hugs. She told daddy she hopes it is a long time before I learn the stairs are there. I am sorry I scared momma and daddy, Usually I just look out the back door (which is at ground level). I sure am glad they used the front door last night. The outside is a scarey place for little kitties like me.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

A picture is worth a thousand words.

ohhhh, hey mom...can you help me out here please

Monday, May 15, 2006

Lucky Kitty

I almost had a playmate today, but my momma found him a home. Yesterday while momma was off work someone came to the pet store she works at with four little furry babies that were only four weeks old. There momma was a feral and had abandoned them three days earlier. The customer had been watching them and when momma didn't come back she knew she had to find help. One of the nice ladies at the pet store told the customer that she would foster them and find them homes. By the end of the day three of them had homes, that is all but one poor little fellow who was the runt of the litter. He went home that night with one of momma co-works who brought him in to momma this morning. The ladies at work had talked it over and just knew my momma would take him. Well sure enough momma was about to hold our her arms to him when the lady she had just rang up in line ask if she could hold him first. Momma smiled. Something told her this little fellow had just found the home it needed. It was an older lady and her kitty had gone to the rainbow bridge just a month ago. She needed a kitty to love and this little guy needed a new momma. It seem to make sense to momma so she kept telling the lady how pretty he was, and how he needed a new momma. The customer smiled kissed the baby and told my momma "He has a new momma now". My mom smiled and said Your are a "Lucky" kitty. The new momma said yep that is a good name for him.
My momma just smiled. Don't you just love happy endings.

Saturday, May 13, 2006


Ok, I like to play as much as the next cat, but this is really to much. I was sleeping away, minding my own business and dreaming about chasing a mouse when all at once I heard a noise. My daddy heard the noise, he woke up my momma and she heard the noise. Momma put on her robe and went to the door. I wanted to go with her and we peeked outside. Yep that was where it was coming from, I heard it too and it was a big noise. Momma said it was something called a car horn. I heard her talking to daddy and she said it was not a car alarm, but a horn beep, beep, beep, beeeeeeeppppp. Momma and daddy groaned and mumbled something I can't repeat or I might get my mouth washed out with soap. (I've heard soap taste nothing like tuna)
They waited and waited but the car kept going beep, beep, so daddy picked up that new phone thingie that I had so much fun helping install the other day, and he talked to someone on it. He told momma he was calling 9-1-1. That was at 3:45 this morning and now it's way after four. The horn is still beeping. I was all excited in the begining, cause it was sort of fun having both momma and daddy awake to play with me, but now I'm getting sleepy. I started to protest, and so did the "grandson". He woke up and made almost as much nosie as the horn. Momma was mad by now. She mumbled that bad word again, and said something about it being a good thing no one was bleeding to death since it had been over 20 mintues since they called 9-1-1. Finally someone daddy called "THE POLICE" came and taked to momma and daddy. A few mintues later the noise stopped. It's a good thing. I had already packed my bag, I was going to the Holiday Inn.

Note from momma, The story above is true, except for the part of Maggie packing the bag. Accually I had taken that picture earlier in the day, the bag holds some yarn I had packed away from the recent move, and Maggie wanted to play on it. When the horn woke everyone up I thought it would be the perfect picture for this post. NIGHT EVERYONE

Family Cats

My momma told me today that I am growing up to fast. She wants to keep me a baby. I'm ready to be a big kitty, but momma said Not yet Maggie, you need to stay small. The she showed me some pictures of kitties that once lived at her house. I thought they were so pretty. Momma got kinda sad when she talked about them. She said they had to go live somewhere else when she moved. I sure hope she doesn't move again. I like living with my momma.

Note from Mommy: Don't worry Maggie, Mommy loves you and this is your forever home. Even if we move again you will stay with me....Hugs...Mommy

Friday, May 12, 2006

A visitor

I had a visitor today. Someone named the "grandson". I liked him because he wanted to play with me. He is sleeping at my house tonight. I wonder if I can sneak in the extra bedroom once mama goes to sleep and crawl in his bed...Nawww I would miss my momma and daddy to much. They are more soft and squishy than the "grandson"

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Stinky Goodness

Momma here.
Can someone tell me what stinky goodness is? I keep seeing that name around the cat blogs. Is it a nickname for can food? Or a brand of something?


Operator Can You Connect Me Please

While mommy was busy adding my membership from the Coat of Many Colors group, I was busy helping the phone man install the phone. Several weeks ago mommy and daddy moved into a new apartment. Mommy has worked very hard getting things unpacked, and everything was almost in place when I came to live with them. The only thing missing was something she calls a telephone. It has taken awhile to get one. Something to do with package deals and cable lines. I'm not sure what all that means, but I know it was hard work getting that phone thingie in my house.

First we had to unroll the line.

Then we had to take everything out of the box. I wasn't sure he had it all,

So I stuck my head in there real deep to check it out.

Finally he finished and mommy and I settled down for a snack.

CAKE! I really thought that cake smelled yummy, but I was afraid to try and get any after I got my bottom smacked for trying to get mamma's lunch the other day. It was ok though, mommy said I could have a taste to help celebrate my friend Miles birthday. He turned one on Wednesday. I sure hope some more of my friends have a birthday soon. That cake was fun to eat. Almost as much fun as helping the phone man. It's been a big day. I need a nap.

Social Butterfly

Oh I feel like such a special kitty. Mommy said I am a social butterfly now. I have a membership. I belong to the Group Coat of Many Colors. Please visit them by following my links. There are lots of pretty kitty's there.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Hide me

Does anyone have a place for me to hide? Or at lest hide the evidence? I told momma that I just found that ole leaf that way but I'm not sure if she believes me. Maybe I should try and eat the picture... While she is gone I might sneak on here and eat the picture. That way I can get rid of the evidence. I wonder if pictures taste better than plants.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Boo hoo, I got my first spanking today. My mommy whacked my bottom just because I jumped up in her face and tried to get her spaghetti. I am pouting..I wouldn't even look at mommy for a long time. Finally mommy picked me up and loved me, but I'm still not speaking to her. POUT!

Monday, May 08, 2006

No Fair

I want to protest. I want to go outside with like the big kitty's and play. My new friend Patches from The Calico Girls has a harness and she gets to go outside. Mommy told me I was to little to go out and I had to wait until I was older. Then just a few minutes later she tells me that I am getting to big for my britches. Just because I was playing with her old jacket strings. I don't understand it. If I am to big for my britches, why I am to small for a harness. I think we need to go shopping!

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Sunday's Adventures

Something worke me up this morning. It sounded like this.ZZZZZZZZZ I went into my mamma and daddy's room to see what it was. It seemed to be coming from somewhere near my daddy right by his mouth. I didn't want the sound to get my daddy so I jumped up on him to wake him up, but he just rolled over. Whew, that was scarey cause he almost rolled on me. I was ok though and the sound stopped. Next I jumped on mamma, I wanted to tell her about the sound I had heard near daddy. She just opened one eye and looked at me. Go away she said, it's my day off and I want to sleep. I wasn't about to leave that room. Oh no, no way, I didn't want that noise to come back. I just kept jumping around my mommy. Finally she sat up and let me crawl into her lap.I was glad, since that noise had scared me. Mommy started petting me and telling me what a pretty kitty I was. When she did this I started to feel bad about waking them up but then I thought to myself that maybe they should take more naps like I do. No time for guilt. Nope not me, I'm to young for guilt issues. I had other things to think about. I am a busy kitty you know. Anyway once mommy got her eyes open she came and sat in front of my favorite toy, the computer. I love the computer, especially the thingie that she moves her fingers up and down on that she calls a key board. It is just the right size for me to sit on. There is only one problem, mommy said her and I can not use it at the same time. I don't understand why. If it is MY toy I should get to use it first. Sigh!
Anyway me and mommy did something called blog surfing. Mommy went to visit a lot of my new friends this morning, and I helped her read most of them. Everyone seems to be having a good day, especially my friends over at the
The MeezersThey were talking about a new machine that there mommy has called a spot blot. It pees on the floor, and the kitty's didn't think it was fair. I don't think it is fair either. I heard mamma talking to daddy about the machine.
My mommy told daddy they didn't have to worry because if I went pee on the floor it wouldn't make a wet spot (yet). I did see her write something down on a piece of paper thought. I sure hope it wasn't about that big machine. Then mommy told daddy something about getting a new bathroom box for me. I saw her looking at pictures of a big one that cleans itself. I am sure that box must have a really big tounge if it can clean itself..

After breakfast I heard mommy talking to daddy again. Something about going to visit family. I was excited when they told me I would get to go. Then I saw them take out the big pink box that they brought home last week. I thought it was a nice box until my mommy put me in it!!
I was NOT happy at all. I felt like I was in jail.

I tried and tried to get out of the box.

I cried and begged and did my very best to unlock the latch, but I was to small. Mommy finally let me out and I sat in her lap awhile. I stopped crying right away.
Mommy said I am spoiled.
When it was time to come home mommy I got to ride on mommy's shoulder.

Whew, I've had a big day. I think I am going to sleep early tonight. I just hope that noise doesn't come back. Does anyone else have a noise at there house that goes ZZZZZZZZZZZ?

Saturday, May 06, 2006

I had an exciting day

Ohh I am happy. Mommy shared her lunch with me today. She brought home a sub sandwhich. I was already getting excited just at the thought of seeing mommy when all at once my nose caught a whiff of something good. It smelled so yummy that I jumped up in mommy's lap to see what it was. At first she pushed me away and told me to get down. I wouldn't listen though, I knew something yummy was on that plate. I wanted a bite. I kept jumping up and mommy kept making me get down. Finally mommy gave in and picked out some of the meat for me to taste.. Mommy said I am spoiled. I just know I was hungry. That meat was so yummy and my tummy has never felt so good. I took a nice long nap and I am so happy. Good thing since mommy said I am over excited now. Mommy and Daddy went shopping tonight and came home with some new toys for me. I really like what she got me. My new toy has cat nip in it and I jumped around and around trying to play. Now I am a bit dizzy though. I think I need to lay down awhile..

Friday, May 05, 2006


Having a human mommy that works in a pet store really has its advantages. I get yummy food. Mommy says ingredients are important. After reading about a lot of foods my mommy bought me Merrick Brand
food. Mommy said it is a holistic food. I'm not sure what holistic means, since the only kind of hole I know about is the one I chewed in mommy's nylons. (shhhh, don't tell) Anyway what ever it means I sure do think it is yummy. So far I think the turkey is my favorite. Mommy says I'm a pig and that I shouldn't get to use to the sound of the pop top on the can. She wants me to eat dry food, but so far I'm being picky.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Is it a bird or a cat

Maggie seems to be a bit confused. She thinks she is a bird. In all the years of having cats I have never had one that wants to sit on the lamp shade. Climb curtians yes, but this one wants to perch on the lamp like a bird. If she starts singing I'm buying her a cage ha ha.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Play Time

As you can tell Maggie had a rough first night. She cried almost the entire night. I was really worried last night that we would have another bad night, but she seemed to do fine. She was playing this morning. I was cleaning the coffe table and she tried to "help". As you can tell the roll of paper towels is bigger than she is!

She ran around the house awhile then settled back in for another nap.

I know both Maggie and I will have some fun days together, and I am looking forward to seeing her grow. Kittens are like babies, we think we will never forget what they looked like or how they change and grow but you always do. Maybe Maggie won't have to many mis-adventures, but if she does you will hear about them here.